MaverX have worked hard to ensure their masts not only rig the vast majority of modern sails well but often enhance the sails performance compared to even the sail brands own masts.
Remember masts are our business and we make the best masts possible. In some ways buying a mast is similar to buying a fin. Do you just buy the board brand’s stock fin, or do you buy a performance fin from a specialist fin manufacturer?

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Sail Brand
Wave sails
Freeride sails
Race/cammed sails
Ezzy *  Excellent performance *Excellent performance  


may require longer top section

recommended ?- test rigging recommended
Gun *
Hot Sails ?- test rigging recommended ?- test rigging recommended ?- test rigging recommended
S2 Maui Sails ?- test rigging recommended ?- test rigging recommended
Naish Finnian Maynard broke the world speed record using a Naish sail and maverx Stilo mast
Neil Pryde *slight increase in sail power on some sails *Excellent performance with Maverx Daytona
Duotone * *
Point 7
Severne * *
Simmer *
Witchcraft *    

* see feedback

All our masts are constant curve. Please contact your local dealer who will have the exact figures for each mast. Any of the MaverX dealers should allow you to rig your sail on a MaverX mast to allow you to see how it sets.

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