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The introduction of the updated superleggero (superlight) masts saw MaverX take the lead in mast construction again. Now those masts have proved themselves in the toughest of testing grounds. As soon as you take one out of its bag you know it’s a special mast and they don’t disappoint on the water.

Unfortunately and in common with many other brands the prices have had to go up. We only use the highest specification of aerospace grade carbons. We won’t use lesser materials to offer low costs masts, we only offer the best quality materials whether it is the 70 or 100% carbon masts.

Rest assured that MaverX masts remain totally compatible with nearly all mainstream sail brands.




Maverx masts were used to develop the new ranges of Witchcraft sails. Maverx were chosen for their reliability in the heavy surf conditions of the North coast of Fuerteventura where the testing of the sails took place.


Jony Price has been giving his Maverx mast a thorough testing in Ireland this Autumn

Photo by Tim Smith Visuals


Photo by Tim Smith Visuals


Photo by Tim Smith Visuals


A couple of new masts for 2014

Both the Stilo 165HD and Stilo200 have been updated - see the mast page for full details

23 Oct 2013

Maverx support the British wave sailing tour. We have given a mast as a prize at the Tiree Wave Classic.

14 May 2013

The Maverx Witchcraft extensions are due to arrive in the UK before the end of May. The extensions are hand made in small quantities. In the first batch only 50 were made world wide. 25 are for sale in Fuerteventura and the remainder will be sold via the UK.  

Base type – Euro pin
Length – 32cm
Weight – 507g
Warranty – 2 year

Price - £199

Available from selected Maverx dealers


New mast extensions

Reglass have been working with Witchcraft Surfboards from Fuerteventura to develop the strongest RDM mast extension available. The project started in 2011 when Witchcraft were unable to find any mast extension that could survive the rocky North Shore wave spots of Fuerteventura. Prototypes were made and testing began. Those mast extensions are still in use today. Despite the lack of any failure in the design the tubes have been strengthened and are now ready for general release.

Full details will be available very shortly



New mavex Video


1 November 2012

The New X1000 Super Leggero has arrived

The X1000 Super Leggero  raises the bar by which all other masts are judged. The goal was to create a sub 1 kilo mast tough enough for the best wave sailors. Reglass the owners of Maverx  pioneered the introduction of carbon in masts 30 years ago and now we have again decided to raise the standard. This project started with the desire to make a super light mast for freestyle use. We produced some masts using the very latest carbon cloths available, carbon technology is forever improving and adapting and while expensive there are some very good new carbon fibers now on the market.  The light weight test masts were given to some very skilled but destructive sailors on the Canary Islands. We said “remember this is a freestyle mast, don’t wave sail with it” but once they had tried the masts they didn’t want to use anything else so inevitably the masts were used in some heavy wave conditions. A couple broke but no more so than other brands at the same time so we worked at increasing the strength as it was obvious that once you have one of these masts you will use it all the time. So we have increased the strength to be similar to our other ranges ie. as strong as you can get.   The new masts were then tested again. This time they were just handed to some of our PWA wave sailors competing at this years events at Pozo and El Medano but this time we just said “use them” which they did without a single breakage - the X1000 Superleggero was born. Combine one of these masts with one of the new light weight wave sails and you will be astounded at how good your rig will feel and as a result how good your sailing will feel.

We would like to say this is a “pro level” mast but professional sailors have to use what they are given and the new X1000 is so much more than a Pro mast. While it allows skilled sailors to push their boundaries even further the mast will be appreciated by anyone who uses it and in some ways weight is even more an important issue with female sailors. Owning the new X1000  doesn’t show so much your level as a sailor but more your devotion to being the best you can be.

How can such a light mast be so strong? You can thank the very latest developments in carbon cloth for that. Obviously there is not a lot to these masts so to ensure they give years of service in the toughest sailing conditions you need to take a bit more care with them off the water – the masts are supplied in padded bags to ensure many years of hard use.

9 October 2012

We have been checking our masts on all the main sail brands please take a look at the updated compatibility pages for full details. We have some great photos of the 2013 wave sails rigged on our masts and the sail brands own masts for comparison.

1 June 2012

Mast extensions!

MaverX have been working in conjunction with Witchcraft Sailboards from Fuerteventura to develop what promises to be the strongest mast extension available. The problems with existing extensions are plain to see – here we have a collection of extensions that have failed to survive the infamous North Shore of Fuerteventura.

So what is so special about our extension? Like our masts it simply is  down to the type of carbon used and the care and expertise  with which they are made. The development is rider driven. With carbon you get what you pay for, we have no accountants on our development team, everything is specified for performance not price. Neither MaverX or Witchcraft will put their names on anything that isn’t thoroughly tested. We have been testing for well over a year now without a single failure. Apart from a few bruises its not unpleasant work as can be seen below.

Further details should be available in the Autumn.  

14 May 2012

Maverx testing mission to Thurso - no masts broken, just some ribs.

16 April 2012

We are very pleased to help sponsor this year’s wave tour.

25 March 2012

Testing in Fuerteventura

We are just back from testing masts on Fuerteventura. This coincided with the Fuerteventura Wave Classic which Maverx were proud to sponsor again this year. Conditions were great and I can honestly say that I would have broken two masts for sure if I hadn't beeen using the X1000 masts.


3 February 2012

Winter in Ireland - Here is Colin Harris (Surfdock Team Ride/Owner) and he is using the Stilo 300 in a 370 with a Neil Pryde Combat 2011 4.5m

1 February 2012.

The X1000 masts are now available from your local dealer. These are limited edition masts of the absolute highest specification. The X1000 is probably the best wave mast in the world. A big claim but one that the masts are easily capable of living up to.


Maverx will be sponsoring the Fuerteventura Wave Classic again this year. The event is probably the most hardcore wave event there is and it’s an ideal testing ground for the masts.


8 November 2011

Windsurf magazine reviews the Stilo 300 -

"The Stilo (300 RDM 100%) 400 from MaverX is certainly a quality looking product as you unsheath it from its bag. It will fit most sails perfectly as well as giving the sailor the skinny experience at a competative price. Some masts are a pain to insert into the luff sleeve but the maverX wasn't at all allowing for quick and easy rigging therefore ensuring maximum water time. The 400 we tried worked well with the Tushingham sails we paired it with and it helped the whole rig to feel light and crisp in the hands as well as a little bit more early planning, allowing for the use of a smaller sail earlier than you would normally change down. Combined with a 100% carbon boom the MaverX helps to make your rig feel rock solid which inspires confidence when executing moves such as loops and freestyle tricks. It also stood up to some decent punishment, as on a couple of occasions, it was put through the rinse cycle while out in waves. It was good to know that it wasn't just going to snap like a twig! Featuring typical Italian styling, reinforcements in the boom area and a foil coating to reduce scrathes and scrapes, these pieces of kit would be a good choice for anyone in the market for a new skinny mast."

25 July 2011

We are busy testing the new 2012 wave sails on the masts. So far the results have been good. Here ia a picture os the new North Hero sail which performed very well on a X1000 ltd mast.

We will be spending 5 weeks in Tenerife testing as many of the 2012 wave sails as possible. We then decide if any of the bend curves or responce speeds need tweaking to get the absolute best out of the sails. Last year they were altered slightly to take into account the shorter luff lengths of the new sails. It is this sort of attention to detail that sets MaverX masts above all others.

17 May 2011

MaverX Daytona – First impression

We have just received the first Daytona mast in the UK. Billed as a out and out race/slalom mast it has a hard job with cambered performance sails often being sensitive not only to mast bend but diameter too. No point going into bend curves etc, lets see how it rigs a Neil Pryde RS Raceing EvoII which is as technical a sail as you can get.

There was no difference to the way the sail set compared to the recommended Neil Pryde X9 mast I didn't even need to alter the batten/cam tension. The next test was to take it on the water and race it against a identical sail but using a X9 mast. We did this and if anything the Daytona improved the sail in nearly every respect including cam rotation. In truth the differences were small but at that level of equipment you couldn’t realistically expect more.

Since then I have used the mast on a Simmer SCS and it worked very well indeed.

Why is it such a good mast and often a performance boost over other masts? It is down to the quality/specification of the carbon. There is carbon and then there is MaverX carbon.

14 April 2011

While the South Coast of England has been windless Colin from Surfdock in Ireland has been testing his new Stilo 300. He managed to find some great conditions near Sligo.

"Myself and my friend Thibault had made a last minute decision on a slightly dubious forecast and headed up to Sligo in Irelands north west. When we arrived that morning there were some pretty solid sets coming through around the logo to mast high mark. Wind was super offshore and pretty light on the inside. As the tide dropped the waves got super hollow and really fun. I took off on a medium sized one. Surfed down the line and then just ran out of wave. With no power left in the sail I was left bogging way too deep on the reef and the next wave in the set came through and drilled me. When I came up my sail was in two pieces but my mast was fine!!

Top marks MaverX!!"

29 March 2011

Maverx mast are now available in Ireland through our newest dealer - Surfdock in Dublin. Colin and his team travel all over Ireland in search of wind and waves and will test the masts to the full.

The sailrepair guys are just back from testing the X1000 masts in Fuerteventura, mast high waves, rock launches and we are pleased to say the masts survived, just a shame about the boards.

27 February 2011

Spot On Water are now stocking MaverX masts. The shop is in a great position being only 300 meters from Avon Beach or the flat water of Christchurch Harbour. You can check out the masts and have a great sail all at the same time.

13 February 2011

We are half way through the Fuerteventura Wave Classic which has had some very big conditions, nearly double mast high.
More news is that Thomas Traversa has been testing out masts for the past year along with other brands and he has decided to use MaverX Stilo 300 this year for all his PWA and Wave Classic events. We are really please to have Thomas on board as it is hard to sign up PWA sailors as they are normally tied into contracts with their sail sponsor.
The fact that Thomas tested and then chose MaverX above his sail sponsors masts says a lot for how compatible MaverX masts are with most sail ranges.

Team rider Will Ward heads out. photo - continentseven

The reward

The danger - photo by Ben / Witchcraft

The price, note the intact mast.

11 February 2011

Interview with Claudio Cazzara MaverX brand manager. FWC = Fuerteventura Wave Classic organisers.

FWC: Hello Claudio, how did you hear about the FWC

Well, being a windsurfer myself , I knew about the FWC from the beginning, three years ago. It was just the community tam-tam.

FWC: What is your favorite aspect of the FWC

It is about the same spirit on which the FWC it based itself. The “insider” judgment method makes the whole think less passive from a rider point of view yet not less competitive. The other great factor is about the place where it is hosted, a pure paradise for windsurfing and great venue for a manufacturer to prove their quality.

FWC: How long have you been making masts?

It is more than 20 years now!! It might not have been that known that Reglass has been the first company in the world to produce the first CARBON mast in prepreg. We have been the manufacturer for almost all the biggest sailmakers when we decided to create our own brand MaverX that is on the market since early 2000. We proved our technology in 2004 when we helped Finnian Maynard to set the new world speed record with a standard production RDM mast!

FWC: Do you focus only in wave masts ?

Oh no, we do not! We have a full range of masts from hardcore wave to freeride and slalom/race both RDM and SDM although only in high carbon content ( 65 % to 100%).

FWC: we have a good forecast for big waves, why are your mast so good?

It is a blend of few ingredients: :Innovation, technology, experience, team work, passion for details and for the this sport. Our chemical guys look always for the newest material available on the market to have the best possible mechanical response (reflex) and resistance of course. Then we send our masts to our testers which ride different conditions and different sails to be sure we match with the adequate curve almost all type of sails. We hear their feedback, we mix the all things together with passion and voila. The whole process which is here 2 lines is about a window of time of around 18 months…every time, every model and for all sizes. To set up our newest top performing wave rdm , X1000 Limited edition, we have started to working to the project in 2009.

FWC: well thanks very much for your support to the FWC project.

Thanks to FWC for being real! Ciao a todos, have fun!!!!

31 January 2011

MaverX are please to announce that they are now sponsoring Will Ward, best know as the Witchcraft rider featuring in the extreme wave sailing videos from the North Shore of Fuerteventura. Will’s choice of masts is a testament to the strength and reliability of MaverX masts. When your life can depend on your mast it is no time to be using a mast just because you got a good deal on it.

20 January 2011

MaverX are proud to announce  that they will be sponcoring the 2011  Fuerteventura Wave Classic .  Fuerte is renowned as the European Hawaii and if good wind conditions bless the waiting period ( 8-18 feb) together with a swell we can have great conditions to test the masts and most important to see some great sailors in action. Canaries have always been our main test center where we keep on testing existing and new products

The competition is by invitation only and the riders will judge themselves to ensure sportsmanship and fairness there will be  an independent head judge to oversee the event.

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